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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mrs. Smart's Scones

You probably have your favourite recipe for scones, but I thought I would share mine with you all.

 Mrs. Smart (Audrey) lives next door to my parents and is a great friend of theirs and a fantastic cook.  One day when we were visiting for a cup of tea she brought out these yummy scones. I was really impressed so I asked her for the recipe. I have made these many times now and these are definitely the best scones I have tasted and baked. 


Makes approximately 12

4 Cups of Self Raising Flour
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1/2 -3/4 cup of Cream (I added one cup)
1 or 2 eggs (I added two eggs)
Milk to help mix to a soft dough

  Place flour and baking powder in bowl. Add cream and beaten eggs. Then add some milk and mix into a soft dough. Knead a little. Roll out and cut into rounds and place on oven tray.  Brush top with milk.  Bake in hot oven 220 - 240C. 


Place flour and baking powder in bowl.

 I use a whisk to stir together

 No need to sift flour if you stir with a whisk.

Beat eggs together.

Make a well in the centre of flour and add cream and beaten eggs. 

 Using a knife, mix together

 Add enough milk to make a soft dough.

Knead slightly. 

Press or roll out 

Take a glass or scone cutter, dip in flour and cut into rounds.

Place on tray.

Use the leftover bits of dough to make some extra scones.

 Bake in hot oven 220 - 230C (400 - 450F)

Wrap in a tea-towel until ready to serve. 

We enjoyed ours with homemade apricot jam and whipped cream.

What is your favourite scone recipe?


  1. They look yummy, Tania. I can eat them with sugar free strawberry jam as I bought a couple of punnets today. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. They are very yummy Nanna Chel.

    I don't consume much sugar these days, compared to what I used to. Sugar can be replaced with honey and rice malt syrup so this is what I use. Jam can be made using honey for a sweetener. I resource honey from organic happy bees so it is healthy. I have a feeling that a sugar free diet doesn't include honey, but it has so many health benefits especially if it is organic. I am eating mostly vegan and they don't eat honey, but I do. I am not as strict as most vegans, but I know my health has improved ten fold since I stopped consuming meat.

    Good luck with your strawberry jam. What do you use as a sweetner?


  3. I use yoghurt instead of cream - or if no yoghurt then a tablespoon of vinegar. try it, you'll love it.

  4. Thank you for the tips Phil. I had thought about yoghurt, but wasn't sure how it would work, now I know lol! And I always have homemade yoghurt, I eat it everyday. The vinegar sounds interesting, wonder what that does?


  5. Thank you Tania! Yours looked like they would win a prize in the show! I'll try this recipe. I just love scones. xxx

  6. Thats a different variation of scones, using eggs in it,
    These days I inly every use equal parts of soda water and cream along with SR Flour, mix lightly and pat out don't roll. I know most people use lemonade but we tend to have savoury scones so I can eat these as sweet or savoury.

  7. And the scones taste as good as they look Annabel. My mum won first prize in the country shows last year for her Lauke scones. She was even selected to enter them in the Adelaide show. Me, I have never been able to master scones, although this recipe is definitely an improvement.


  8. Yes Dee I was surprised with the use of eggs too. They are a heavier scone, but so soft in the middle. I never had much success with using lemonade.

    Thank you for your informative comment.


  9. That is very similar to the recipe I use. Once I found the recipe with cream, I have never gone back to rubbing butter into scones! And they are very light.

  10. They are very light Jayne. I think the cream makes all the difference.


  11. Tania, I use Rice Malt Syrup and sometimes Stevia although I am not a fan of the latter. I have also bought some Dextrose which David Gillespie uses in his recipes but haven't tried it as yet. I don't bake much so rarely have the need to use a sweetener. However I did make strawberry and chia jam this morning and did add a little stevia but you don't need it if you have very sweet strawberries. I was going to make sugar free scones this afternoon but forgot to buy cream so will do that tomorrow. I think I must have scribbled the recipe down from the DTE forum. I should have tried your recipe before I started mixing up the dry ingredients. I will do a blog post about them if they turn out. You never know with my cooking ;-)

  12. The Vinegar does the same thing as yoghurts - the acids help break down the proteins in the flour and give much better texture


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