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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Getting on With Things - In my Pantry

Hello dear friends.

Life without a laptop has had its advantages, as I have been able to get some jobs done that I would normally put off. I bought a new laptop on special after the old one died, so I am able to blog again without the fear of it crashing.

For me life has been extra busy these past six months, as I am working part time for my daughter while she is on maternity leave. Of course this has put me behind with my own chores.  Now I remember the reason I prefer not to work and just be a homemaker. It is all about being organised when this happens. Having a plan in place is definitely a must!

So I started a to do list. It is a mile long, but I am slowly crossing some things off.

One job on the list is the pantry.  This is ongoing and I am re organising the space once again. I thought I would share with you the  containers I found to be really useful.

 They are medium sized gravy containers and a great size for storing things like pasta and rice etc. My sister in law runs a deli and she saves these for me.  The stickers peel off really easily, and there is a space to label them.

Then I pulled everything out from around the bottom of the pantry. I had noticed on a few  blogs I read, how the use of buckets is a great way to store things. So once again my sister in law was asked to save some of these. I don't know why I hadn't done this before, it has freed up so much space in the pantry and I will be definitely getting some more.

At the other end of the pantry we have drawers, these are really handy for storage too.

The bookshelf holds large jars of pasta, recipe books and milk cartons on the bottom. On top I keep my microwave and bread maker, and the recycle bin to the side.

The view from my kitchen. 

Another job on the to do list is my windows. At the moment they are very dirty as summer has been extra dusty without any rain.  I do this twice a year, sometimes more often.  With eleven windows, this is a big job. They have those nice looking (but annoying) squares that need to be cleaned individually! 
Any volunteers to clean them for me?

If you have any useful tips for keeping a tidy pantry (or for cleaning windows), I would love to hear them. Keeping the pantry in a well organised order is a constant job for me, and it doesn't take too much to mess things up in there.

Take care,


  1. Don't remind me Tania!!! I need to do those jobs too. I also have a To Do list a mile long. When it was so very humid recently I thought I would just wait until it cooled down. Well, now it has cooled down so I have no excuse ;-)

  2. I know Nanna Chel! That list is like that song that never ends, it just goes on and on my friend!!

    We had awful humid weather here as well this year and I definitely didn't want to do too much either. It has cooled down a lot, but still gets quite warm. It was a little humid here again today, but nothing like we had a couple of weeks ago, that seemed to go on and on my friend too!


  3. Oh your pantry looks great and so organized.. It has inspired me to attack mine again today.. grin.. I need to do it so often as I am one messy person but have great ambitions.. Thanks for dropping by my blog, dear girl.. xo

    1. Dear Faye,

      It is lovely that you have taken the time to visit my blog and leave a comment. Thank you, it pleases me to know you were here...

      Welcome to the mish mash of my life :)


  4. The view is very impressive to say the least. I think i need a list. Somewhere on that list will be Write a Blog Post.

    1. It gets a bit like that sometimes Lynda, my posts have dropped right away too :)


  5. Good job with the pantry. I try and do a shelf at a time and this seems to keep it tidy.
    I gave up doing my outside windows as I always ended up hurting my shoulders. I get a company to do them outside and I Windex the insides which is easier on my shoulders. I had them done for Aussie Day then I'll probably get them done in October/November again...


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