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Monday, September 7, 2015

On the Menu this Week

I am a bit late this week with my menu plan.  
I did get busy last week and made a list of recipes that my family love and then added them to a monthly meal plan.  Life is so much easier now that I am organised and know what I am having each day.  My freezers are full so we will be eating from there for the next little while, and my pantry has been stocked up. Hopefully I wont need to spend any money this week. A whole week without spending...woohoo!

Monday: Schnitzels, veggies and gravy

Tuesday: Shepherd's pie and veggies

Wednesday: Chicken tenders, chips and salad

Thursday: Fish chips and salad

Friday: Going out to tea for my dad's birthday

Saturday: Beef stroganoff and fetticine

Sunday: Ooey gooey cheesey meatballs and veggies

Desserts:  Golden syrup pudding, fruit and ice-cream.

Baking:  Banana cake for dads birthday


  1. How wonderful to have a week with no spending! Sounds yummy. My boys would just LOVE the cheesy meatballs - they will be on my menu next week! We still have a freezer full of beef. Have a lovely birthday celebration with your dad.

  2. Shepherds pie this week and yet again the golden syrup pudding. Im so enjoying my "virtual" meals at your place. No Calories and i can even have seconds.

  3. Thank you Jayne.

    I had forgotten about those meatballs until I worked out my recipe list and monthly plan.



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