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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Easy Peasy Pineapple Chicken


8 Chicken drumsticks
3 tablespoons seasoned flour
3 tablespoons oil
450g crushed pineapple
435g cream of chicken soup

Place drumsticks and seasoned flour in a plastic bag and shake to lightly and evenly coat the chicken.  Discard excess flour.  Heat the oil in a pan and brown the chicken.  Add pineapple and chicken soup, cover and simmer for about 20 minutes until chicken is tender.
Serve over rice 
Serves 4-6

*I used diced chicken breast for this recipe and prepared it as described in this post. I tossed in cornflour, dipped in beaten eggs and fried in oil. I drained the oil then added pineapple and chicken soup.



  1. I must buy some pineapple, Tania. I was looking for one today as I have come across a few recipes lately that include it. Sounds like a lovely meal.

  2. Hello Nanna Chel,

    I have some pineapple in the freezer. Not a bad idea with Australian products getting harder to get hold of. I used tin pineapple for this recipe. I have a yummy mango chicken recipe too that I will share later.


  3. Thanks Tania! I had heaps of trouble for a while getting Golden Circle pineapple... the shelves were full of overseas pineapple. I can get it now but it is still in limited quantities and sometimes one sort ie crushed but no sliced and so on. I had not thought to freeze it. I really love pineapple and will try this recipe! Thanks! xxx

  4. Dear Annabel,

    I find Coles is the only place I able to get cans of Australian pineapple.

    I love pineapple too, it is great to add to recipes.


  5. This recipe ushers in Summer time :-)


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