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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Health Benefits of Black Strap Molasses

Did you know that Black Strap Molasses is really healthy for us?

How I came to find this out was by doing a bit of research on the internet as we do these days. 

There is a story attached to this so I will start from the beginning.

 Hubby recently restored his grandfathers World War One 303 rifle.  He was advised to use molasses mixed with water to remove the rust etc from the barrel and the other bits (you can tell I know a lot about guns lol). This stuff is magic for removing rust! It is cheap as chips from a fodder store. I think it was $2.00 for two litres.

Anyway, I became curious as to what was in this product and why when I was a youngster on our farm, we used to give Molasses to our horses and the other stock. And so the searching began. 

I was amazed to find that Molasses has many  health benefits for us humans,  in particular Black Strap Molasses.  Organic and unsulfured is the best type to use.


If you are interested in learning more go here.

I found Molasses at Woolworths, it is on the shelf near the sugar, golden syrup and treacle.  I bought some and gave it a try.  It is not organic that I can see, and it is not Black Strap either, but it is unsulfured. I made some Anzac biscuits using the original recipe but they didn't spread out very well although they did taste delicious. So I have found an alternative recipe here. I am yet to try this one but it is on my list for this week.

I went on to look around the web for molasses recipes and came across this site.  There are some yummy sounding recipes like these ones, although these might not be so healthy  J

Mom's Ginger Cookies Recipe

Mom’s Ginger Cookies

Marble Cake Recipe

Marble Cake

Brandy Snaps Recipe

Brandy Snaps

Since discovering this product, I have been on the lookout for some organic unsulfured Black Strap Molasses, and today I ended up finding some in our local health shop. It cost $6.00 which I didn't think was too bad. 

And this is how I like to consume my molasses.

One teaspoon of molasses, mixed with water and bit of milk added.  Just like a cup of coffee or tea. It has a distinct flavour of its own.  I cant really describe it, you will either like it or you wont. J

My main interest in molasses has been for my skin and hair as I have reached "that age" where menopause is causing problems like extremely dry hair and skin. So far I think there has been an improvement.  I know I am feeling better, probably because molasses can give you energy, something I lack sometimes. I have been having molasses for about a month now, and I thought it was time I shared my findings with all of you.

Have you heard of molasses? And will you give this health tonic a try?


  1. Tania, Coles have it in the aisle where they keep health foods and they also sell it online. The brand is "blue label" it is black strap, but not sure if organic. It is $4.36 according to online price. I'm not sure I'd like it as a hot drink, but willing to give it a try!

  2. As a kid I was always plagued by mouth ulcers - one dab of molasses every day for three days and they were gone.

  3. Hi Tania, I've been feeding my chooks some molasses in their warm mash this last week or so. I'm enjoying your new blog.

  4. *Kaye, thank you for telling me that Molasses is available at Coles. I will take a look next time. Being in the country we sometimes don't get the full health range, but it is definitely worth taking a look.

    *Phil, another good use for molasses. Maybe I wont get any mouth problems from now on, this is something I will take note of. I did read that molasses was good for wounds so why not mouth ulcers?

    *Hello Barb, its great to hear from you. Thank you for adding your tip for molasses. I will now start adding it to our chook bran that they get every day, surely it will be extra good for them too.

  5. I looked for Black Strap Molasses a while back in the Health Shop but they were out of stock at the time. I can't remember what it was for...perhaps my Kefir grains. We used to use it a lot back in the 1970s...the Hippy days ;-) Since I am not eating sugar now I don't 'partake' any more. It is good for you and the chookies though.

    1. I don't think I could give up sugar completely Nanna Chel. I have cut my intake right down these days. I use honey or rice syrup where I can.


  6. Thanks for this information Tania. Several of the things it treats are things I need treating for so I have bought some and am trying a little bit each day like a medicine. I will try it in some of the recipes now as well. Good info. Thank you! xxx

    1. It is interesting isn't it Annabel? I cant believe I never knew about it earlier as I have always chased healthier options.


  7. Tania, what are you doing over here? I only popped over because I had some traffic to my blog, and here you are camping out somewhere new! I lave to say I like :) I found Molasses to be beneficial when I was really iron deficient, so this is interesting. I'll give your molasses cuppa a go. I'll report back...Mimi xxx

    1. Hehehe Mimi, I was wondering if you would find me here. Welcome aboard xx


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