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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Menu Plan Monday

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Monday: Chinese Chicken Stir-fry with bread rolls

Tuesday:  Moroccan beef curry with naan bread

Wednesday:  Kangaroo Island Whiting with chips and salad

Thursday: Fast and easy chicken Lasagne with bread rolls

Friday: Rissoles and gravy with veggies

Saturday: Chicken bolognese with garlic bread

Sunday: Mexican Beef Slice with chips and Greek salad

Desserts: Chocolate pudding, apple sponge pudding

This week I am trying different recipes  from  The Organisd Housewife


  1. Dear me, Tania you always put me to shame as you are so organised with your menu. I make a list then it changes depending on what the menfolk decide to do at the last minute or if the crock pot hasn't cooked a meal properly which it is prone to do lately. Also I have been intending to try my hand at making sushi but that hasn't happened yet. One day! LOL!

    1. Haha Nanna Chel, I would have to be the most dis-organised person around, that's why I have started menu planning, so I have some sort of order happening. I don't always stick to the list, as life has a habit of disrupting the best laid plans. Its is good to know what is for dinner though. In the morning, I check my menu list and take meat out of the freezer. At the moment I am checking the ingredients for the week and writing a shopping list to make sure I have everything :)

      I have had a few flops with my crock pot lately too, what is with that? I am always nervous when I try a new crockpot recipe now. A back up plan is needed :)


  2. I'll be over on Friday night and can you hold off on the chocolate pudding (self saucing, i hope) till then.

  3. Hi gorgeous! Love that I now have not 1 but 2 blogs of yours to stop by regularly. Care to share your Mexican Beef Slice recipe please as it sure sounds delish?! Off now to check out your Chicken Bolognese :)

    Talk soon my friend.


  4. Dear Kimmie, Thank you for your kind words.

    Recipe can be found here. I didn't realise it was on the internet, otherwise I would have posted the link :)

    Here you go



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