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Monday, August 24, 2015

A Bit of Randomness

While in Adelaide recently we went to the Port Adelaide Sunday markets. I love going to these and finding treasures.

I have wanted a decent sized teapot for some time now as I only had a vintage aluminium one, and I was a bit concerned about using it.  I found this brown English beauty in one of the stalls. It holds six cups.

Phil is a fan of vintage Fire King kitchen ware.  He was so pleased to find some to add to our collection.  They are a favourite of mine too.   

Lastly I found a soap saver.  I already have one of these but it is not in as good condition as the one pictured.  Put velvet soap in the mesh section and wash the dishes the old fashioned way. You need to watch out though as the dishes get very slippery.

I made Annabel's banana cake.  Look at the size of this cake, and I halved the recipe! I substituted the milk/lemon for yoghurt, and iced with chocolate icing. 
You really MUST bake this cake! 

Recently the electricity was out for quite a few hours. We had a storm go through and also maintenance done on the line.
We did have lights as they are solar powered, but we needed the generator going to help out.

The cord going to the house.

 This is what it looked like inside with cords running everywhere.

I had washing to do that couldn't wait.  There was enough power to wash and spin but not to drain the machine.  So I had to wait until the power was back on to drain the water.

Some quick thinking to heat up some pies for my son who always comes home for lunch. I had taken pies out of the freezer and luckily the fire was on so I could heat them up. I become resourceful and felt like I was back in the olden days lol! 
I had run out of bread to make sandwiches.

I put the pies on top of the stove at about 10.30 and by lunch time they were perfect to eat.

 Spring is near. 
We are having more nice warm sunshiny days.
A beautiful sunrise we had recently.

Knitting while travelling.
I am making booties for my new grandchild due in January 2016.

 While we were away the girls laid three dozen eggs.  It is great that they are laying again.  Wont be long and we will have broody girls to put some fertile eggs under.
We sell excess eggs to cover the cost of feed.

 I found these in an op shop recently. A Suzanne Grae green jumper and a vintage sheet.

I have a vision to make pretty table napkins from this.

A visit to my parents again and this is what I brought home.  Two bags of organic plain flour and two coconuts.

I mentioned on the Down to Earth Forum  about this gift my grandmother made for me thirty five years ago when I got married the first time.  
It is one of my special treasures.  It is getting a bit tired and worn from use.  I keep my bits and pieces of jewelry in it.

And look what I found out in the shed.  I have been drooling over Annabels pretty bottles like the one in this post. And then I remembered these I had found years ago.  Unfortunately they dont have the stoppers. Does anyone know where I could get some? Otherwise I will use corks.
I picked these off our trees when I got home. 
Four ice cream containers of quandongs (wild peaches).  Like other fruit, I stew them up with sugar and water.  Definitely need sugar to eat these as they can be quite sour. 

First dessert in my new dish.  Annabel's golden syrup pudding.  So simple and easy, go here for the recipe.

My baby tomato plants I planted before going away.

I am hoping to post more on this blog. Thank you for being patient with me while I get it up and running.


  1. Hope you had a good break, Tania. it must have been nice coming home to all those eggs :-)

  2. Yes we did have a great time away Nanna Chel. We have six dozen eggs now lol! Time to deliver to our customers :)


  3. Isn't it amazing how it all keeps on producing when you are not even there. Oh, you made the pudding. Sorry im late, again. LOL

    1. You are lucky Lynda, I made the pudding twice lol!


  4. Dear Tania,
    What a lovely post. It is a visit with a friend. So many good things like all those eggs!
    The decanters are lovely! Corks would be ok. Also wine stoppers... I have some that are pretty with a crystal on top (which is fake but looks nice) and they are tapered so fit mostly any bottle. So keep your eyes out you will find something.
    It is abig cake recipe! I usually make a cake and 12 muffins or two cakes... and freeze half. But its a nice recipe and uses up bananas so well. Last time I did lemon icing and the time before cream cheese icing.
    My Nan had the china you collect... only I never knew what it was called. I love it too! It has nice memories for me.
    It is also good you got a pretty sheet. I am still sewing tea towels from the linen I found recently.
    Have a good week (whats left) With love,

    1. Thank you Annabel.

      I will keep a lookout for those stoppers. Have seen a couple on eBay but they were the wrong size...Have been straining my brain trying to think of how I can decorate a cork lol!


  5. That banana cake is huge but so is her Sunshine cake. Good finds while you were away, I'm trying to find another teapot as mine is like yours and Im very careful using it. I have never tried quandongs but i have heard they are sour but stewing them would make them edible.
    Have a great week Tanya

    1. The cake is huge and yummy!

      Markets are a good spot to find things like teapots. There are many varieties around.

      Quandongs are edible when sweetened. I tend not to make them sweet sweet, mine have a bit of tang because that is how we like them.

      You have a great week too Debbie,


  6. Loving the old kettle on the stove and the brown-betty (?) teapot...they used to be ubiquitous.

    1. My teapot has a name Phil? So it does, I went and looked it up lol.

      Thank you for letting me know,


  7. I love seeing your photos Tania. Love the teapot on the stove. The glass decanters look divine. What are you planning on using them for ? Annabel's Bubble bath maybe ?

    1. Hi Wendy, thank you for dropping by.

      I think Annabel's bubble bath will go well in those decanters. I am keeping my eyes open for pretty glass ware for storing things in :)


  8. Hi Tania, I just found your blog and I love it! I enjoyed seeing what you found at the thrift store. Thrifting is one of my favorite pastimes. :-)
    What a challenge to go without electricity! We are quite spoiled, and I'm not sure we could go long without it. I guess it would be fun to live like in the "olden" days. For a while! :-)
    I am eager to try the cake recipe. I like that it makes a big cake, because I've got a large family, and most treats at my house disappear quickly.
    Thanks for posting. I look forward to reading your blog regularly. :-)

    1. Welcome Jennifer,

      I am so glad you are enjoying my blog. I am just starting out with this new one.

      I always think "camping" when the electricity goes out. What would we do if we were camping? We manage quite well.

      Do try the cake recipe, it is a favourite in our house. The full recipe will be perfect for your big family.



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